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A Review of the Health Benefits of Eating Seafood

All over, people are getting more and more conscious of adopting healthy eating habits and making healthy food choices. Generally speaking, for a healthy lifestyle, it is important to ensure that you have incorporated a healthy and well balanced diet and exercise into your regime. This article takes us through some of the health benefits of seafood.

Talking of the health benefits of seafood, one that has made them such an option that is considered to be so good is the fact that they happen to be so low in fat. On average, seafood such as crabs and lobsters happen to be having a fat content that is only about 2%. We thus see the fact that these seafood happen to be the greatest alternative that one on a slimming diet can be advised to think of. As a matter of fact, seafood contain the least fat content much lower than even the leanest meat and chicken. Making this seen even as a better option is looking at the fact that when it comes to seafood, you really don’t have to trim any fat as would be with the other alternatives.

Talking of the leanness of seafood, we see as well the fact that they happen to be so low in cholesterol levels. Of course, cholesterol happens to be one of the essential components of any living animal tissue. In as much as this is the case, it shouldn’t be lost on us that the levels of cholesterol may get so high in the event that you are going for so much of the saturated fats in your food choices. Seafood has the least of fats in it and what they mostly have in the form of fats is the unsaturated fats. You therefore will see the sense there is in the recommendation to eat at least two or three portions of seafood a week so as to help lower the levels of cholesterol in the body and as such help reduce the risk of heart disease.

For food options that have the highest concentration of proteins, seafood come in as the best and this is the other reason why they happen to be considered the best. Other than the protein content, seafood as well happen to be great sources for vitamins and the other essential minerals as such seen to be such a great and healthy food source. Talking of some of these minerals you will get from the seafood, essential for health, we see the likes of potassium, phosphorous, iodine, zinc and the like plus a host of the B group vitamins. Added to this, it is to be noted that the various seafood options there are, from the crabs to the lobsters, shrimps and the like as well will provide you with lots of the essential omega 3 fatty acids.

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