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What You Need to Know About Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

When lean six sigma management strategy was introduced, only a few number of hospitals adopted the strategy, however, with time, many hospitals started to adopt the management strategies in their operations. Lean six sigma is mostly used in hospitals to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. Healthcare faculties started to use lean six sigma recently after they were popularly used in the manufacturing industries. The main agenda of lean six sigma is to remove the wastes in company thereby enabling the organizations to focus on delivering more value to customers. The beauty of six sigma is that pays much attention to variation reduction in processes, products, and services. If you want to learn more about lean six sigma, you need to pay attention to the contents of this article.

One of the things you need to know about lean six sigma is that it was derived from both lean and six sigma, quality improvement methodologies. Though lean and six sigma methodologies are not the same, they work to complement each other.

The following are the four main goals of lean six sigma, these include eliminating waste, improving flow, reducing variation and minimizing defects.

Medical facilities need to adopt lean six sigma methodologies since they help in preventing medical errors. Hospitals need to use lean six sigma in their operations since they will help them to reduce mortality rates. When hospitals use lean six sigma in their operations they will reduce the time patients will spend on the hospitals. If you run a hospital, you can benefit from using lean six sigma principles in that they can help you improve patients care. In addition to reducing mortality rates, hospitals that have applied lean six sigma principals in their operations have a higher chance of providing better patient care services.

When you adopt the principles of lean six sigma, you can be assured of delivering nothing but better safety and also reduce departmental siloes.

The other reason why healthcare facilities need to adopt six sigma tools is that they will help them use the structured problem-solving techniques popularly referred to as DMAIC. DMAIC approach is an acronym for define, measure, analyze, improve and control. Hospitals that adopt DMAIC problem-solving technique, they are in a better position to solve numerous healthcare problems. Now let’s take a look at this strategy.

One of the critical considerations to adopting the problem-solving strategy involves understating the identity, needs and wants of patients. When you want to use lean six sigma strategy, you will have to measure the performance of your healthcare faculty by paying attention to the improvements. However, when using the strategy, it is worth noting that changes can be measured by the level of patient satisfaction, rate of clinical excellence and service cost.

When using sigma six tools you need to keep in mind that the principles need to be used to analyze data collected for measurements to ensure efficiency. If you want to enjoy the benefits of lean six sigma principals, you need to start employing them in your management.

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